by James R. Peters


This site and its content are designed to meet the needs of people looking to improve their lifestyle. This site doesn’t claim to make you a millionaire overnight or to teach how to make thousands everyday buying and selling real estate with no money down. This site is dedicated to sharing information to energize, enable, and empower you to live the life they have always wanted.

Prosperity means far more than wealthy. Prosperity is a personal state of achievement, contentment, and wellbeing. If wealth alone is what you seek, unfortunately you are in the wrong place. Having spent more than a decade managing wealth for many wealthy individuals, I have learned what you do with your money that makes you prosperous.

So why write about prosperity?

Through my work as a Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, and Portfolio Manager, I have experienced what it means to live prosperously. Unfortunately, most people never have access to such individuals. People who need this information the most are unlikely the most unlikely to receive this information from any other source. It is for this reason I decided to champion prosperity.

If prosperity is what you seek, I encourage you to get on The Prosperity Track!


James R. Peters, CFA, CFP®