by James R. Peters

James R. Peters

James R. Peters is the author of The Prosperity Track: Energize, Enable, Empower and leads Integress
Financial, where he oversees portfolio management, client financial advisory,
and business strategy. With over ten years of experience managing investment
portfolios and providing customized financial advice, he has personally
assisted hundreds of people along their Prosperity Track.

Never Underestimate the Power of Attire

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Children across the United States return to school today following the conclusion of summer break. For many, returning to school was preceded by the ritual of shopping for school clothes. Parents understand that appearance can have an important impact on their children’s educational experience. Whether your child wishes to dress like their classmates, or wants […]

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Ten Principles for Reaching Prosperity

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The Following is an excerpt from the book, “The Prosperity Track – Energize, Enable, Empower” available in paperback and on Kindle. Check it out on Many people live their lives in constant pursuit of wealth. Although wealth creates opportunities for prosperity, it does not guarantee it. Wealth refers solely to material possessions, while prosperity […]

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Welcome to The Prosperity Track!

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Welcome to The Prosperity Track!

What does prosperity mean to you? Does it mean living in a massive hillside mansion? Traveling to distant lands? Being a respected member of the community? Becoming debt free? Celebrating your one-hundredth birthday at home, surrounded by loving family members? Having a big bank account? The freedom to take long hikes in the woods without […]

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