by James R. Peters


5 Free Ways to Protect Your Prosperity

It’s the things we don’t see coming that can cripple our prosperity. Sometimes we get too caught up in daily mundane activities. We put things on the “backburner” and promise to do them when we have time. Unfortunately, that day never comes, and we neglect activities that can protect our families during emergencies. I consider […]

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Financing Consumption: A Dangerous Proposition

By on September 7, 2013 in Budgeting, Credit, Financial with 0 Comments

Financ­ing is a pow­er­ful tool with long last­ing effects and should be care­fully delib­er­ated. Friv­o­lous spend­ing with bor­rowed dol­lars is a dan­ger­ous endeavor with poten­tially dev­as­tat­ing reper­cus­sions. Indi­vid­u­als, busi­nesses and gov­ern­ments (“IB&Gs”) must pri­or­i­tize needs, invest­ments and wants, and uti­lize financ­ing only when appro­pri­ate and necessary. IB&Gs rou­tinely pur­chase goods and ser­vices, each time hav­ing […]

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