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Prosperity3dWhat does prosperity mean to you?

Does it mean living in a massive hillside mansion? Traveling to distant lands? Being a respected member of the community? Becoming debt free? Celebrating your one-hundredth birthday at home, surrounded by loving family members? Having a big bank account? The freedom to take long hikes in the woods without looking at your watch? Working because you want to, rather than working because you have to?

Each of us has our own definition of prosperity. The Prosperity Track entails developing a vision of prosperity and formulating a plan to achieve it.

Prosperity is not quite the same thing as wealth. While your vision of prosperity may include wealth and valuable possessions, for most people wealth is merely a means to an end. The goal is to enjoy increased personal freedom and self-assurance. This is the essence of true prosperity, which encompasses far more than material items and includes those things money can’t buy things like peace of mind, fulfillment, and a sense of security.

Prosperity isn’t a number, it’s a feeling. In order to feel prosperous, you need to feel empowered to live a life free of worry.

But prosperity is elusive.

Life is full of challenges. The economy goes up and down. Careers change. Illness and natural disasters strike. And we have our own internal blocks that can hold us back without us recognizing them.

The Prosperity Track is designed to help you gain control of your financial life, so you can focus on the things that bring you joy. Although many people believe prosperity is either dictated by others or is under the control of an unfeeling universe, prosperity can be achieved by everyone. Prosperous individuals live in an enlightened state, and feel prepared to handle all challenges that come their way.

I’ll demonstrate that prosperous does not mean wealthy, just as wealthy does not mean prosperous. Those who are constantly seeking wealth as their ultimate goal, rarely reach a level of contentment. They are never satisfied and continually desire greater financial enrichment. One must look deep inside to find what is driving this need for greater material wealth. You should strive not only to be rich, but to be happy. Understanding what makes you happy is crucial to achieving a life of prosperity. Happiness is an individual feeling and cannot be determined by someone else. Your level of personal satisfaction must come from within.Staying on the road of prosperity is not a matter of luck and timing; it’s a matter of focus and action. The Prosperity Track will give you the practical, down to earth tools you need to define prosperity for yourself, analyze your current position, plan your strategy, and put your Prosperity Plan into action.

Each of us has the ability to envision and build an amazing lifestyle full of accomplishment and wellbeing. This does not happen by accident or luck, but through dedication and focus. We can unlock our potential for prosperity by managing and overcoming our greatest fears. Success is never easy; just ask anyone who has managed to become successful and stay successful. But each of us has a unique personality and set of skills. The Prosperity Track can help you develop these traits and skills, ultimately achieving a greater life for you and your family or community.

True success should not be viewed as a matter of social status; it’s your own definition of success that matters. Your goals and aspirations must be your own and not be influenced by outsiders. If you let others choose for you, you will lack motivation to succeed. Staying on the Prosperity Track means you have what you need and you are comfortable with what you have achieved.

For more than a decade, I have provided financial planning and investment advice to hundreds of people. Through helping others, I was able to learn from people with circumstances different than my own. I learned about prosperity from teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, professional athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees, etc. Through these interactions, I realized happiness in life has less to do with money and more to do with attitude.

I am blessed to have worked with such amazing people, who opened my eyes to a world beyond material wealth. Regardless of your current status, race, gender, age, or income level, I believe you have the ability to achieve your own state of prosperity. Achieving prosperity is not always easy, but I can promise you it is always worth it. I hope The Prosperity Track will be your guide on the road of prosperity and to a better life.

Question: How do you view prosperity?

About the Author

About the Author: James R. Peters is the author of The Prosperity Track: Energize, Enable, Empower and leads Integress Financial, where he oversees portfolio management, client financial advisory, and business strategy. With over ten years of experience managing investment portfolios and providing customized financial advice, he has personally assisted hundreds of people along their Prosperity Track. .


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