by James R. Peters

A Big Step Towards Prosperity For Luca Manfe, Season 4 Winner of Master Chef!

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Following weeks of intense competition, the fourth season of Master Chef came to a dramatic close with the crowning of Luca Manfe as the winner.

After failing to secure a spot in Season Three of Master Chef, Luca was an underdog from the very beginning. All through the competition, his positive attitude and upbeat personality helped him improve from one week to the next. Luca was a fan favorite due to his continued laughter and humorous remarks. During the finale, when asked by judge Gordon Ramsey whether his short-ribs would be finished in time, Luca simply replied, “your guess is as good as mine.” This quiet confidence greatly increased Luca’s likability and fan base.

Despite the nature of the contest and strict rules, Luca continued to win over audiences with his kindness and competitive drive. In two episodes, Luca gave ingredients to fellow contestants, knowing it would help them improve their dishes. When questioned by the judges, Luca simply stated that he wanted to beat each contestant straight up. For fans of reality shows, this was a welcomed change in contestant attitude.

Throughout the entire competition, Luca was able to keep his eye on the prize. He continually produced his best dishes in order to secure his spot as the winner, rather than playing
it safe, hoping other contestants would fail.

For his accomplishment, Luca was awarded $250,000 and the chance to publish his very own cookbook. This can be a huge jump start to Luca and his family’s level of prosperity. I consider
prosperity to be a state of achievement, contentment, and wellbeing. One of the key factors to achieving prosperity is your ability to support your family and
lifestyle. There are three factors necessary to feeling fulfilled in your career:

1.Do what you love.

2.Do what you are great at.

3.Get paid to be passionate.

With his prize package and new found fame, Luca can turn this opportunity into long-term prosperity. There is no doubt he loves to cook, he can cook amazingly, and is extremely passionate. By continuing to fuel the passion that drove him to improve each and every week, Luca will be extremely successful in the years to come.

Congratulations to Luca Manfe. I can’t wait to buy the cookbook!

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About the Author: James R. Peters is the author of The Prosperity Track: Energize, Enable, Empower and leads Integress Financial, where he oversees portfolio management, client financial advisory, and business strategy. With over ten years of experience managing investment portfolios and providing customized financial advice, he has personally assisted hundreds of people along their Prosperity Track. .


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